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MacWorld 2008: MacBook UltraSlim in 13 days

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Steve Jobs' keynote is due at MacWorld 2008 on 15 January 2008. Steve is likely to announce a number of new products and services from which we can cite those:

Mockup? This photograph may approach what the macbook would look like.

  1. Apple will be launching new ultraportable MacBooks which are rumored for long now. They will feature aluminum clad, a 12 or 13 inches display and a NAND flash "hard drive" up to 120Gb which greatly improve battery life -- expect up to 10 hours. They should be 50% lighter at 0.7 inch thick and "dramatically slimmer" when compared to the existing 15" MacBook Pros at 2.25 pounds. Apple is using the latest mobility technology from Intel. No DVD drive will be included in the MacBook Slim itself; instead, you will be supplied with an external DVD drive that you will likely leave at home or at the office when on-the-go. The macbook will also feature a large enhanced touch pad that behaves like the iPhone touch screen: you zoom in or pan or scroll with your fingers...
  2. Apple will announce the iPhone 2 which comes equipped with a 3G+ chip to support HSDPA radio network -- you can browse or download at hi-speed: 3,6mbits/se c-- also included will be a ultra speed GPS chip. Read more here
  3. Apple will be launching an iTunes Movie rental store from which you can buy movies from many studios. This has been recently confirmed by The New York Times.

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