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Matrix'ed visual effects in Mac OS X

Apr. 18th, 2007 21:58 by Permalink | TrackBack: — exists for 11 years & 9 monthsπριν — — Θλιβερό, αυτό το περιεχόμενο δεν είναι διαθέσιμο στα ελληνικά.

Usually, tips are very interesting in streamlining user experience. This time, I propose something quite useless, if we except the intrinsic beauty of the resulting effect.

Hold the SHIFT key down when you do something that results in an animation in MAC OS, such as iconing a window or doing exposé) to see it slowing down...

Funny no?

Here is a sum up of commands for Mac OS X 10.3.0+

  • SHIFT+ window iconize: The window iconization slows down (with genius effect enabled, this is even more funny)
  • SHIFT+F9 : Exposé slows down
  • SHIFT+F10 : Shows application windows in slow mode
  • SHIFT+F11 : Shows desktop in slow mode
  • SHIFT+click from dashboard : Dashboard hides in slow mode

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