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Apple's Xserve: The Server World's Ugly Duckling?

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Apple's Xserve isn't really getting on in the server market... Why?

Apple stepped in the server world in 2002 with the Xserve.

The beginnings were honourable but the market was dominated by Windows and Linux and doesn't like changes.
Also, the lack of experience didn't really help.

After five years, Apple hasn't quit the battle against the 2 competitors. The game isn't yet won.
In spite of the difficulties, Apple hasn't stopped upgrading their server products with new models (Xserve G5 in January 2004, the server with Intel Xeon processors in August 2006).
With the arrival of the fifth generation the Quad-core 64bits Xserve, brings a question, who is going to buy these new products ?
Even if the market is there, this new server might be in the front of closed doors.
Gary Chen, senior analyst at Yankee Group says " The world is moving towards two platforms -- Windows and Linux. Unix will stick around for quite some time, but it's not growing. So I'm not sure where another platform like Apple would fit in an enterprise. "

However, with the arrival of the Intel chips intergrated in the new servers, things has changed, the fifth generation multicore is well above the other competitors.
Also, it has more memory, more bandwidth. The Xeon for example, support the SCSI hard disk drives as well as the ATA ones. It can also manage with more than 2 terabytes of storage (which is quite interesting).
Apple manages the hardware and software, which allows them to build a powerful operating system.

So, why doesn't Apple manage to get on well on this market ?

Here is the raisons given by some specialist :

  • The market of the professional servers is quite restrited, the domination of the other 2 competitors makes it very hard to get on it.
  • It's hard to find servers applications running on Macintosh.
  • The price ! The machines are maybe very powerful, but not very cheap. Even with the argument of high quality, the prices stays to expensive.

Even with all that, Apple manages to go through. More and more people are happy to buy.
Apple builds nice products and might one day manage this market.

However, personaly, if Apple doesn't put down their prices, this might be very difficult...

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